Coronavirus Customer Notice and Prayer

Coronavirus Customer Notice and Prayer from CSTT This policy would be updated as needed without notice.

Note: Our office is in compliance guideline advised by our government in regards Covid-19 pandemic.

This implementation now affects all policies listed below. For any assistance needed, please call/ whats app 356-1030, or 777-6299, or email us at [email protected]

We know that there is a great concern around the world in relation to the corona-virus. I wanted to send you a personal note to let you know how we are is dealing with the emergency.

FIRST THINGS FIRST Please join us in prayer, or you may speak this prayer aloud:

Heavenly Father, we humbly approach you in the name of your beloved son Jesus Christ, and thank you for your presence that is real in our life today. You have always looked over humanity, and we recognize You as our Help, and so we ask Your urgent help for all humanity , especially in our country Trinidad and Tobago; as we now agree together by faith in JESUS name


Thank you for hearing our prayer and for answering. AMEN

Steps implementation:

First the health and safety of our staff and customers is top priority. We have implemented a number of sensible steps to this end, including encouraging shop and work from home. Our customer support will remain fully operational as long as possible and we would offer remote assistance where applicable. I believe it is our duty to be pro-active.

Second, individuals coming to our office for any are advised to reduce the length of time spent to drop off and pickup products, where possible consult us remotely via whats app, email or phone. Phone: 777-6299, or 356-1030; or email: [email protected] To enhance this step, customers are now asked to send their details for invoicing so we can to prepare documents beforehand.

Third, individuals are urged to use good sense and do not come to the office if one is experiencing any symptom of the cold, flu or cough.

Fourth, We encourage online credit card payment, online banking payment, paywise payment where package can be delivered to you almost anywhere in Trinidad and Tobago. For info on how to transact a remote payment read here...

Fifth, We have provided safety measures for staff and customers for use at our office and in-house delivery personnel. We have placed emphasis on cleaning of floors, doors and door knobs, etc. Cleaning agents would be used regularly during the day to clean customer area.

Sixth, We now restrict having not more than two customers at one time in the office building. If customer flow exceeds this amount , then the overflow will need to wait at the outside of the building, then enter when the time is appropriate.

Seventh, A water tap and soap has been set up near the entrance of the building and customers are asked to wash hands and sanitize before entry.

Eighth, A glass screen is placed added protection of staff and customers for a controlled interaction between customers and staff as well as for regular cleaning of the said area.

We are hopeful that this emergency would be resolved soon. May God Be With Us All And Gave Us His Peace.

Thank you for being a loyal customer., or if your are new, we welcome you to be a part of our family of clients. These are challenging times but together we will get through this successfully.

Founder & CEO