KVM Switch for sale in Trinidad Tobago Caribbean

4-Port Compact KVM Switch Mahattan for sale Trinidad bd-kvm804

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Manage/control four USB computers from one keyboard, monitor and mouse
Audio and microphone switching for uninterrupted multimedia experience across multiple platforms
Hot-plugging PCs for maintenance without powering down the KVM switch or PCs
Channel selection via push buttons and keyboard hotkeys
Supports resolutions up to 1600 x 900 pixels
LED indicators for easy status monitoring
USB bus powered: no external power adapter required
Includes four connection cables for computer, speaker and microphone connection.
Price $575.00
(868)726-tBay [726-8229]
Alternate: bMobile mobile: 1-868 768-2328, Digicel mobile: 1(868)356-1030.
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KVM Switch for sale Trinidad bd-kvm804

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Controls up to 4 computers in one switch
Work on up to 4 computers with One Keyboard, One Mouse, One Monitor!

Efficient ergonomic, Compatible with all operating systems
Easy to operate
Auto scan between monitors
Hot pluggable
Superior video quality: 1920 x 1440

Price $275.00, out of stock
(868)726-tBay [726-8229]
Alternate: bMobile mobile: 1-868 768-2328, Digicel mobile: 1(868)356-1030.
email: [email protected]

Switch KVM Switch 4 port memory stick with Model BD- KVM804 cable - NOBUTECH Description This 4 port KVM switch can control four ( 4) teams with one screen, one keyboard memory stick and a single mouse external memory. This emulation 4 -Port KVM Switch features keyboard and mouse to the process of simultaneous PCs boot 4 , 1920 x 1440 VGA resolution , desktop radio button and LED TV equipment (PC1 , PC2 , PC3 indicators , PC4 ) . No need to purchase additional hardware. Save money and space with this 4-port KVM switch . Specifications Product trade name: Nobutech Model: BD- KVM804 4 -Port KVM Switch 2.0 external memory w / 4 Sets Cable General Features : 4 -Port KVM Switch . Control of four ( 4) teams with a set of controls Three (3 ) Memory Card Type -A connectors. Four (4 ) External Memory Type B connectors five (5 ) VGA 1920 x 1440 maximum resolution VGA ports. Bandwidth: 250 MHz Desktop button indicators team selection Led TV ( PC1 , PC2 , PC3 , PC4 ) . Supports Microsoft Intellimouse , Logitech Net Mouse , etc Limited Warranty : 1 year. Specifications Cable length: 5 feet. Port Selection : Select the command button or hotkey . Led port computer equipment TV: 4 x red . Connector Console - Two pendrive kit 2 x 2 x VGA male. KVM Console connector - 2-port memory stick , 4 x VGA female . VGA: 2048 X 1536 @ 72Hz . Requirements Desktop / Operating System : Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / NT / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Linux / Mac OS 9 or higher.