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CSTT BPP Program

For more info on how you can become a BBP, OR TO APPLY, please email [email protected]

What is the BPP

Business Partner Program a.k.a. BPP is an establishment between individuals and All Computer Things Are Possible Supplies for mutual benefits.

BPP empowers the participating individual to serve as a partner and be able to achieve an income based gaining commissions on our products sold without having to extend their own financial resources. This commission is valued in a point system.

In essence, once a sale is generated and payment completed on referral, or purchased for resale , applicable benefit points are generated.

These points are generally in the form of a BBP Point voucher that can be used as financial negotiations at our office while making payments, or can also be cashed in at 50% of the value, at the valid period.

Participating individual must apply by email to register.
Must be of good moral and excellent integrity.
Willing to earn extra income based on fairness and trust.
Items on sale is excluded form the list.
Points carry an expiration date.
BBP Points can be cashed in at 50% of their face value
The business owners reserve the right to reject an application, or cancel a partner participation without notice and for whatever reason they see fit.

For more info on how you can become a BBP, OR TO APPLY, please email [email protected]

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Present point value: 1 POINT = $1 TT Dollar
Many more products are awarded BBP points. Contact us for details.

item #HD500 - 40 points