VGA Splitter and Vga Signal Booster / Amplifier / Extender

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2-Way VGA/SVGA Splitter/Amplifier/Multiplier 400 MHz - Black for sale in Trinidad

Duplicate and extend your VGA/SVGA signals with this 2-Way SVGA Splitter/Amplifier/Multiplier. Ideal for any organisati0n, particulay Churches using a long VGA cable to achieve a better picture.

* Ultra High 400MHz Bandwidth provides sharp, clear images at any resolution up to 2048 x 1536: VGA, Super VGA, or XGA and Multi-Sync Monitors
* 50 meters (~164 ft) nominal data transmission distance, 100 meters (~328 ft) maximum transmission distance
* Metal housing for maximum durability and reliability
* Supports "hot swapping" and "plug & play"
* Slim design saves desk space
* Easy to install, no drivers required
* Works on any platform and with all operating systems

User Review: "This amplifier is being used to send images to a projector 100 ft away and through a VGA switch. It has worked very well, the case is metal and the item is extremely easy to install and use. Well worth it"

SALE PRICE: $595.00 TT Available in stock

VGA Splitter
VGA Splitter

VGA Splitter

  • Contains 1 Male and 2 Female Ports
  • Used to connect Two monitors using only one port
  • Special Price!

WAS: $150.00
SALE PRICE: $98.00 SPECIAL (In stock)

... for sale in Trinidad and Tobago

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