Home alarm systems for sale in Trinidad

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WINDOW & DOOR ALARM for sale in Trinidad

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Technical Details
The frontline of home security
Triggered when protected door/window is opened
High quality, resillent material
Easy battery replacement
Low-cost solution to security.

Original Price $185.

NOW $125.

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Smart Home Wireless Alarm System Kit FOR SALE IN TRINIDAD

Brand : GE
120-Decibel alarm sounds when window or door is opened
Easy to install with no wiring necessary
Door alarm uses 4-digit keypad to set security code for arming/disarming
Alarm delay feature avoids false triggering
Three window alarms included

Easy to Install and Requires No Wiring
You set your own pin with a 4-digit keypad.
Three Window Alarms for Added Security

Tel: 726-Tbay, 726-8229, 356-1030.
Email: [email protected]

Complete Wireless Alarm System FOR SALE IN TRINIDAD

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Skylink SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm System

Rolling Code Technology - Leading edge technology
Provides maximum security and reduces false alarm
Dials up to 9 different numbers of your choice
Sends out your personal 40 second message
Easy installation
Tel: 726-Tbay, 726-8229, 356-1030.
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Wireless Home Security System w/ Auto-Dialer FOR SALE IN TRINIDAD

Wireless Home Security System w/ Auto-Dialer
Wireless Home Security System w/ Auto-Dialer --- Digital LCD Display for Burglar and Fire Alarm --- Protects House and Office

100% DIGITAL - 32 Wireless Zones, 8 Wired Zones, Supports 8 Remotes or Keypads, & Unlimited Wireless Sirens, [Expansion Module Available]
Door Chime, Ready-To-Arm Feature (Automatically Scrolls Through Open Zones), Programmable Entry/Exit Delays, Siren Durations, and Countless Advanced Features.
Back-Lit Screen & Keys, American Voice, Built-In Siren, and Backup Battery.
Power & phone wire exit from the rear of keypad for a professional installation; Unlimited Technical Support by Phone, Email, or Chat.
Self-Monitoring $0.00 - Alarm calls with zone number/type of alarm & plays a self-recorded 15-second greeting. /OR Professionally Monitoring can be added for as low as $8.95 per month with No Hidden Fees and No Commitments.
- Home & Away Arming
- Separate Setup & User Code
- Back-Lit LCD Screen & Keys
- American Voice (Turn voice on or off)

Protect your home or office with our wireless do-it-yourself security system. When an emergency occurs, the security system will call up to 4 personal phone numbers indicating if its a burglar, fire, medical, or other type of emergency. It will also play a 15-second self-recorded greeting. [ KIT INCLUDES: 1x All-in-One Keypad w/ Power Adapter, Backup Battery, & Built-In Siren, 1x Secondary 2-Way Keypad, 2x Key-Chain Remotes, 7x Door/Window Sensors, 3x Motion Detectors, and 6x Window Decals ]

Tel: 726-Tbay, 726-8229, 356-1030.
Email: [email protected]