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Karaoke System  for sale in Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean
Price $295.

Download your songs to the system and sign along have Fun!

Auto mode adjusts effects on the fly to recreate a song?s original sound
2 built-in songs put you on the road to stardom
Perfect pitch, correct your pitch so you?re automatically in tune
Auto harmony sound like part of a perfectly harmonized duo
Chorus Multiply your voice to add depth
Delivery available
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Star boy: "hi it me , my daughter said thanks she love it".

Durability: Educational: Fun:
This is a wonderful thing. It makes even my croaky, off tune voice sound good. Lots of fun. I did have some problems loading the app into Windows 7 from the device, so I went to the Paper Jamz website and downloaded from there with no problems. After that, putting new songs into it from my music Library was just a matter of drag and drop. Very easy. I didn't try loading anything from my iTunes library, so I don't know if that would be a problem.

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