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Lasko Breeze Machine *ON SALE*
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Cutomer Review:
I've had one for at least 10-12 years. It's perfect for small places. I'm a smoker and I've used this little machine by a window to direct smoke out of the room. I just can't believe that this small little fan has run for this long.
If you have a small room buy this little fan. It works and works and never quits.


  • 2 quiet speeds
  • fully assembled
  • lightweight and easily portable
  • perfect for small rooms

Comparative Price: $450.00
SALE PRICE:$325.00 SALE (In stock)
Contact: (868)726-tBay [726-8229]
email: [email protected]

Klip Xtreme KPS-010 Wireless Presenter
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  • Wireless freedom for up to 70 ft of transmission range
  • Integrated laser pointer
  • Built-in scroller for long documents
  • 5 Presentation control buttons

Comparative Price: $500.00
SALE PRICE:$350.00 (In stock)
Contact: (868)726-tBay [726-8229]
email: [email protected]

100W Power Inverter for Vehicles
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Just insert the Power Inverter into your vehicle's cigarette lighter to have an instant AC 110V supply! A necessity for those who are constantly travelling and on the go!


  • Special, versatile socket; suitable for all types of plugs
  • Max Output power 100W
  • Continuous Outpit power 75W

Comparative Price: $275.00
SALE PRICE:$200.00 (In stock)
Contact: (868)726-tBay [726-8229]
email: [email protected]