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ALL COMPUTER THINGS ARE POSSIBLE SUPPLIES, Esperance Village, San Fernando, Trinidad. WI.Get directions
Trinidad, W.I. Phone Contact:
(868)356-1030. 726-tBay [726-8229] , 777-6299.
email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: (868)356-1030, 777-6299. Scan to send us a facebook message with ease!

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Get your product by...
1. visit to our office. Get directions
2. sent to you at your door or office via Courier service
3. brought to you by our office personnel (conditions may apply)
4. Note: We accept special orders for products.

Payments CAN BE MADE

1. At our office via LINX, Credit card, or cash
2. At Bank deposit
3. Lotto booths nationwide
4. Credit card local and international - Call to request invoice via email
5. Direct Online transfer via online bank. how to make a online payment- click here

Cheques may be issued to: ALL COMPUTERS THINGS ARE POSSIBLE SUPPLIES note that cheques are only accepted from approved clients

Contact us at (868)356-1030, 726-8229, 777-6299 or DigiPlay: 233-9548, or email [email protected] for more info.

You can make a payment via the Lotto machines nationwide in Trinidad and Tobago using the info below. We would be notified when the transaction is made. Please retain proof of payment receipt. Show the codes below to the Lotto agent to access Paywise account.

Paywise account number 100-777-534-000
Product code 3010


Assuming you are traveling in the direction from San Fernando to Debe/ Penal and you are at the Cocoyea Roundabout, near Fire Station.

Drive on the Highway
pass the Fire Station, pass the interchange at Cross Crossing,
Bear left going up hill leading to Duncan Village.

Drive pass Duncan Village, you would shortly get to the PALMISTE PARK, (lots of tree and tract to walk on right hand side)
Pass this park.

Look for a large Junction on Left Hand Side called Papourie Road.
This leads Esperance Village, Diamond Village and Barackpore.

When entering Papourie, we are at the second street on left, 1st building on left.

You will see our signs, etc. and be welcomed by our courteous staff.