USB PCI Card for sale in Trinidad Tobago Cribbean

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Vantec UGT-PC210 PCI Host Card - 5 Port, USB 2.0

Product ID: USB_PCI_CARD_001
Looking for a quick way to add extra USB ports to your system without any hassles at all? The Vantec UGT-PC210 PCI Host Card adds 5 hot-swappable ports to your computer! it even allows you to connect/disconnect devices without powering down your system. The Vantec UGT-PC210 PCI Host Card supports high-speed(480Mbps), full-speed (12Mbps), and low-speed(1.5Mbps). Not to mention, the Vantec UGT-PC210 PCI Host Card works with various types of USB devices including hubs, removable drives, digital cameras, scanner, CD-RWs, DVD-ROMs, PC video cameras, printers and much more.
USD $28.04
Tel: 726-Tbay, 726-8229, 356-1030.
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Vantec UGT-PC210 5 Port USB PCI Host Card
Interface Card Type: USB 2.0

Interface: PCI

Number of Ports: 6

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