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Video Converters for sale in Trinidad Tobago Caribbean | I.T. PLUS LIMITED

Video Converters for sale in Trinidad Tobago Caribbean

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VGA to HDMI Converter with audio

GA Male to HDMI Female Cable Adapter Converter HD 1080p Video Cable
For PC TV HD Monitor

Non Brand $250.
Vention Brand $375.

Tel: 726-Tbay, 726-8229, 356-1030.
EMAIL: [email protected]

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HDMI to VGA Converter Box with audio separator included

HDMI to VGA with Audio Cable
HDMI to VGA Adapter Male To Female 1080p
HDMI to VGA Converter For PC/TV/for Xbox 360 for PS3, etc.
On sale at for a limited time $200.00
Tel: 726-Tbay, 726-8229, 356-1030.
EMAIL: [email protected]


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VGA TO HDMI Converter Box

1080P Audio VGA to HDMI
HD HDTV Video Converter Box Adapter
for PC Laptop DVD DVR.
VGA to HDMI Converter box converts PC VGA and audio to HDMI, allowing connection of PC to 1080p HDTV.
It supports multiple resolution up to 1920x108060HZ. while it supports the most popular resolutions to ensure high
compatibility with wide brands of PCs and HDTVs. It provides cheaper solution of connecting PC to HDTV.
Product Features
1. Easy to use, installs in seconds, no settings and it is a resolution pass-through converter.
2. Support HDMI1.3 version (compatible with 1.0/1.1/1.2), Support HDCP 1.2

Cost $395.00
Tel: 726-Tbay, 726-8229, 356-1030.
EMAIL: [email protected]

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VGA TO HDMI Converter

Full 1080P VGA to HDMI convertor
includes audio
Cost $395.00
Tel: 726-Tbay, 726-8229, 356-1030.
EMAIL: [email protected]

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HDMI To RCA Composite AV+ Audio Converter Box

HDMI To RCA Composite AV+ Audio
Toslink Spdif Coax Mini Converter For TV /PC /PS3 /Blu-Ray DVD 1080P
Cost $325, on special price now on at $265.00
Tel: 726-Tbay, 726-8229, 356-1030.
EMAIL: [email protected]

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HDMI TO VGA Converter Adapter

HDMI Male to VGA Female
Video Converter Adapter Cable
Price $150.00
Tel: 356-1030, 726-Tbay, 726-8229.
EMAIL: [email protected]

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HDMI TO VGA Converter Box with Aux line out cable included

The AGI-1890 HDMI VGA adapter cable lets you connect an HDMI output device, such as a laptop or extensor output video digital media SVGA display device (monitor, projector) by converting the HDMI video signal device an SVGA output and analog audio output 2 separate channels. The HDMI to SVGA is to display user-generated content such as presentations, documents and worksheets on a projector or SVGA monitor. The adapter can also extend your computer desktop to double your workspace and increase productivity. The versatile converter supports resolutions including 1080p HD up to 1920x1200, eliminating the expense of upgrading an SVGA for the sake of compatibility screen, and requires no separate power adapter which saves installation time and hassle.

Price $295.00
Tel: 726-Tbay, 726-8229, 356-1030.
EMAIL: [email protected]

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Component video (YPbPr) / VGA To HDMI Converter With Auto Up-scale

Product ID: HDMI BOX 005
This unit converts VGA or Component Video and Audio to HDMI. It allows for connection of Desktop or Notebook PC to a flat panel TV. It also allows for connecting equipment with component output (such as PS2, STB, DVD etc) to PC monitor that has only HDMI or DVI inputs.
Read Product Reviews
Includes also VGA cable and Power supply, HDMI cable $60. addition!
Tel: 726-Tbay, 726-8229, 356-1030.
EMAIL: [email protected]

TV Presentation Converter VGA to RCA /VGA to Video S-Video

Adjust and set preferences with onscreen display and front-mount control panel; Compact, portable size and USB power requires no external supply or adapter, use almost anywhere; Simple and quick to install; Windows and Mac compatible
VGA to Composite Video (RCA) or S-Video converter. Input port: DB15 (VGA); Output ports: Composite video (RCA), S-video and HD15 (VGA)
Video standards: NTSC/NTSC-EIAJ/PAL/PAL-M/PAL-N/SECAM (via RGB out); Resolutions supported: 640 x 480 (up to 85 Hz), 800 x 600 (up to 85 Hz) and 1024 x 768 (up to 75 Hz)
Front Panel Controls: Zoom, Menu and onscreen display directional controls; Image controls
SALE $489.00
Tel: 726-Tbay, 726-8229, 356-1030.
email: [email protected]

CCTV Camera BNC S-Video VGA to Laptop Computer PC VGA Monitor Converter Adapter Box
VideoSecu TV Video BNC to PC VGA Converter Adapter Switch Box with Free Power Supply 3L9

It enables the video in DVD/DVR, CCTV (closed-circuit television), camera, etc to be displayed on PC monitor or LCD. Single button for easy switch between different input source.
VGA, 4 pin S-video, BNC in; VGA out. Convert VGA/S-video/BNC to VGA.
"Input", "Menu", "Freeze/+", "Resolution/-" function button. Adjustable input, brightness, contract, saturation and hue.
Supported VGA output resolution: 800 x 600@60HZ, 800 X 600@75HZ, 1024 x 768@60HZ, 1280 x 1024@HZ.
PAL/NTSC auto-detective. Image-freezing function. Auto-save settings and working status when power off.

Tel: 726-Tbay, 726-8229, 356-1030.
email: [email protected]

2d 3d convertor box


HD 2D to 3D Video Converter Box for HDTV,
3DTV and Game Console Sale At Trinidad
SALE PRICE: So you want 3D but you dont have a 3D TV - NO PROBLEM! Once your TV has an HDMI port. You Save Big - You dont have to gave away the old TV to buy a 3D TV. Just get this product!
Now There Is No Need To Update Your TV Screen To Enjoy High-Definition 3 Dimensional Video
Will Work With Any TV With HDMI Port; Supports Maximum Fill HD 1920 x 1080 Resolution
Plug In XBox 360, PS3, DVD Players, Internet Tablets Or Computers With HDMI In/Out
create 3D programs from 2D programs for 3D TVs and 3D projectors
enjoy 3D programs on 2D HDTVs - real-time 2D video to 3D conversion

SALE PRICE: contact us for availability
Tel: 726-Tbay, 726-8229, 356-1030.
email: [email protected]
Product Description

Perfect New Real Time Solution For Converting Standard 2D Movies And Gaming Video Into Gorgeous 3D Effects. Complete With 2 Pairs Of Glasses and IR Remote, Simply Connect Your HDMI Video Devices To Your Standard Television Screen, And Enjoy 3D Video Like Never Before. Easy, User friendly And Affordable.

Product Specs

* Support 3D "side by side" format convert to 2D HDTV with anaglyph amber/blue glasses
* Convert 2D to 3D Stereo image
* Support 2D convert to "Side-by-side" 3D format for Shutter/Polarized Glasses type 3D HDTV
* Support 2D convert to 3D anaglyph for any TV with HDMI input
* 2D transfer to 3D function with bottom switch
* 3D effect control (3D Index: Weak/Strong)
* Supports input: Multi-Media Player, DVD player, PC, laptop, MID
* Input port: HDMI1.3,HDMI1.4 (480P/576P/720P/1080i/1080P)
* Output: HDMI1.3 (1080P/720P), 60Hz.
* Support Maximum 1920 x 1080 (Full-HD) Resolution
* Glasses: anaglyph Amber/blue glasses for HDTV, Shutter glasses for 3D TV, Polarized glasses for 3D TV.
*Power: DC 5V
* Dimension: 90X120X31mm

Included in the box is:

2D to 3D converter box
2 Pairs of 3D glasses
Remote controll
Power cord
User Maunual