Magic Jack & Magic Jack Plus for sale in trinidad

Magic Jack Plus on sale for a limited time

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MagicJack Plus + Free 1YR Subscription Magic Jack Service

plug and play at its finest
All you have to do is hook it up to your computer to register an account and phone number and then into your telephone via the RJ-11 phone jack port
you are ready to go all within 30 seconds

PRICE $789.00.

Magic Jack on sale for a limited time

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Get your own US phone number - Free of charge
Make call to US and Canada Free of charge
Call anyone or anywhere in the world to anyone with an activated magicjack.

PRICE $375. SAVE INSTANT with paying at our office or bank deposit
Bank deposit or office payment : LIMITED TIME OFFER ONLY $345.
Temporarily out of stock

Tel: 726-Tbay, 726-8229, 356-1030, 777-6299, 221-0349


How to use magicjack

Are tired of paying monthly phone bills and long distance calls now have another option.
Magic Jack offers all of these features:
Purchase the product with one year free use included
$20. per year USD to continue, or even cheaper with 5 year option!

With Magic Jack, it is possible to both send and receive telephone calls inside all 50 States as well as anywhere in Canada. Calls can be made any time of the day or night as well as any day of the week, without restriction.

Those who are going to be out can arrange for voice mail to take their messages in their absence.

Magic Jack owners can choose their own area code; regardless of their actual location or their typically assigned area code. That factor alone can come in handy when one doesn’t want the person on the other end of the phone to know where they are calling. A phone number is assigned when Magic Jack is installed on the computer.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Order Magic Jack through by contacting us.

Once received, plug one end of a phone cord into the Magic Jack. Plug the other end into a computer USB port.

Fill out the form that pops up on the screen. It requests the standard name, address, and phone number.

Choose an area code among those that are available.

Write down the assigned virtual phone number and give it to those individuals authorized to call.

Activate voice mail by dialing the assigned number from a phone outside of the Magic Jack network. Follow the automated voice instructions, dialing the default password upon request.

Establish your own voice mail recorded message and password by following the instructions given at the time of activation.

Install the help mode by unplugging Magic Jack for at least 30 seconds. Plug Magic Jack back into the computer USB port and wait for the software to self-install.

Perform monthly maintenance on the system as provided in Magic Jack’s instructions.

Save anywhere from $300. and up per month in regular and long distance phone calls.

Note: Prices and policies may change without notice since we are distributors and the policy of the products is set by the Magicjack company.